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Adiabatix Oy (established 2000) is specialized in technical insulation. With our modern production technique (3D-CAD/CAM) we design and manufacture high quality, easy-to-use and durable insulation products for our customers.

We meet the demanding requirements of our customers with easily installed and simple insulation modules. Safety is secured with the products of Adiabatix in demanding circumstances. Our insulation module systems are used in marine, power, nuclear, and oil and gas industries around the world.

Adi XP 1

Example of two Adi-XP®, SOLAS-applicaple heat insulation for V-engine.

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Oil and gas case - Reference

Adiabatix has delivered insulation module systems for oil rigs worldwide. The technical insulation is designed for demanding applications. AdiBox ® and the Adi-XP ® insulation products have been delivered around the world for the demanding oil and gas industry to insulate engine exhausts and turbo pipings. All of our products for oil rigs are SOLAS classified.