In our research and product development we notice the whole life cycle of our products. We are using environmental friendly techniques and materials. We are emphasizing environmental-, quality- and safety issues in all of our actions. Our solutions and services are complient with the applicable legal requirements and regulations.

We operate in demanding industries such as power, marine, nuclear, and oil and gas. We understand and meet all the special requirements for these industries.

It is important for us to prevent injuries and illness and provide a safe and healthy working environment for our employees and partners.

Goals for our operations:

Safety - strong commitment to QHSE:n

Traceability - Complete documentation

Zero defects - Countinouos improvement(QHSE)

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QHSE - Quality and environment

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We maintain a management system based on the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Adiabatix Ltd is committed to keeping in with the principle of continuous improvement. Our products meet the requirements of SOLAS ja ATEX certificates. We also have a certificate for Achilles Sellihca.

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We want to achieve continuous improvements and reduce the environmental impact of our operations. Our aim is also to be a forerunner pollution prevention. Quality, environmental and safety aspects are highlighted, and management and improvement programs are created in the company.


ISO 9001     ISO 2