Technical insulation of Adiabatix is build for demanding destinations for international markets. The insulation products are manufactured for demanding locations to keep the personnel safe and secure the surroundings from heat and leaks.

A power plant or a marine ship should be a safe place for personnel and visitors. The safety of the people and the environment should be ensured so the power plant or the ship does not pose a serious environmental threatr. Expensive investments should be protected from accidents, and thus reduces financial risks. The insulation module system of Adiabatix is the perfect solution for demanding insulation applications where safety, ease of use and speed is required. We offer demanding products for international industries: marine, nuclear, power, and oil and gas.


Nuclear and Power

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Oil and Gas

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Adi-IMS® insulation module system

The insulation module system Adi-IMS® is developed as a durable and easy to use technical insulation for the industry.

  • Adi-IMS® insulation module system has been developed for industrial use where durable and good insulation is needed.

  • Adi-IMS® is an industrial product.

  • Adi-IMS® are manufactured in a way that they are easy to mantle and dismantle during the maintenance period.

  • Time needed for installing and dismantling Adi-IMS® is much shorter than with the conventional insulation products.

  • There is no need for any specialist mechanics or special tools. An ordinary hexagonal key is normally the only tool needed to lock and unlock Adi-IMS®.

  • Adi-IMS® can be equipped with a special locking system, if there is a need that only authorized personnel are aloud to operate the insulation covers.

  • The documentation of Adi-IMS® is comprehensive.

  • There is always spare parts for Adi-IMS® products. If there is a need to modify a part of the existing Adi-IMS® complex, then just the needed component needs to be replaced with a new, more suitable component.

  • With the long life cycle and its easy usability Adi-IMS® is a very inexpensive insulation product.

  • Adi-IMS® is a patented quality product.

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