Technical Insulation

A lot of benefits can be gained with technical insulation systems. Insulation is, therefore, a profitable investment. Well maintained insulation systems pays itself back and creates savings during its whole life cycle. Here are core benefits presented:

To save energy and to have emissions improvements

Kopio adiabatix02     With rising energy costs, with the need to reduce consumption of fuel and with the unwanted environmental emissions are the reasons why good and quality insulation systems are more important today than ever.


To improve industrial processes

To update and maintain an insulation system continuously will guarantee that there is less temperature variations in industrial processes. Therefore, required quality and results are gained of the products of the process.

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To improve safety
It is important to take care of the safety of an industrial plant or a vessel for many reasons.

Safety of the personnel
- The industrial plant or the vessel has to be a safe place to be and to work for the people in there.
Safety of the environment
- To be sure of the safety of the people and nature, it has to be taken care of in a way that the plant or the vessel does not cause serious environmental catastrophe.
To protect the investment
- The expensive investment has to be protected against any harmful incident and by that way reducing the operational risks.

Adi-IMS® eristysmoduulijärjestelmä täyttää SOLAS ja ATEX standardien vaatimukset. Adi-IMS®:n patentoitu lukitusjärjestelmä takaa nopean purun ja nopean kasauksen huoltoseisokkien aikana säästäen huomattavasti kustannuksissa. Tuote on myös pitkäaikainen säästäen rahaa ja ympäristöä.

Benefits of Adi-IMS® insulation module system

The insulation module system Adi-IMS® is developed as a durable and easy to use technical insulation for the industry.

  • Adi-IMS® insulation module system has been developed for industrial use where durable and good insulation is needed.

  • Adi-IMS® is an industrial product.

  • Adi-IMS® are manufactured in a way that they are easy to mantle and dismantle during the maintenance period.

  • Time needed for installing and dismantling Adi-IMS® is much shorter than with the conventional insulation products.

  • There is no need for any specialist mechanics or special tools. An ordinary hexagonal key is normally the only tool needed to lock and unlock Adi-IMS®.

  • Adi-IMS® can be equipped with a special locking system, if there is a need that only authorized personnel are aloud to operate the insulation covers.

  • The documentation of Adi-IMS® is comprehensive.

  • There is always spare parts for Adi-IMS® products. If there is a need to modify a part of the existing Adi-IMS® complex, then just the needed component needs to be replaced with a new, more suitable component.

  • With the long life cycle and its easy usability Adi-IMS® is a very inexpensive insulation product.

  • Adi-IMS® is a patented quality product.



Adibox1 iso    

Insulation system for exhaust manifold, engines and fuel cell units to save energy, manpower and time.

Adiabatix offers Adibox®, which meets the special needs of exhaust pipes in power plants and ship engine rooms. Adibox can also be used in industrial processes and within critical process components where significantly high levels of insulation performance are needed.


Adi XP    

Insulation module system for exhaust ducts and pipes.

Adi-XP® is designed for insulating marine engine- or other exhaust ducts or pipe work subject to high temperatures. It is also capable of enduring high levels of vibration. An Adi-XP® installation meets the SOLAS and ATEX requirements. Module insulation system brings longer life cycle for insulation. There is no need for mechanical personnel or special tools to install, remove or re-install in case of maintenance.

Adi-NG® ja Adi-NGr®

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Adi-NG® Insulation module systems for NPP’s

The Adi-NG® insulation module system is a high quality heat shielding product considering its life cycle benefits. This thin and a light weight insulation product combines a great insulating performance with a durable structure. The module is easy to handle and thus fast to install and dismantle during the yearly maintenance operations. Normally a person taking care of insulation work is exposed to four times more radiation than the other workers in the nuclear power plant. Faster installations and dismantling saves a lot of time and simultaneously decreases the amount of radiation the workers are exposed to.



Adi-NGr® Insulation module systems for NPP’s

The reflective full metal insulation module system Adi-NGr® is also a good choice for nuclear power plants. Compared to other products on the market, Adi-NGr® uses only half of the material and is a much thinner and lighter choice.

Excellent insulating performance, combined with a more durable structure, exposes your workers to a lower dose of radiation while saving time, space and materials.


Uwira tuotekuvaesimerkki

Spray shields for individual pipe runs.

Adi-Fbox® offers an easy-fit casing to prevent personnel for being sprayed with dangerous substances, such as acid or hot oil, in the event of a flange or valve failing. Insulation can be added to the Adi-Fbox® if needed.


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Site survey to meet the insulation regulations.

Adiabatix site survey enables customers to find the gaps in their insulation needs in order to meet the regulations like SOLAS and ATEX. Specialists of Adiabatix insulation team will inspect and report with thermal scan the state of the customer’s technical insulation system. Technical suggestions will be made afterwards, how to meet the regulations and how to enhance performance.


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