Adiabatix’s Brand-New Adi-SMART® Increases Occupational Safety in Industrial Environments

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Adiabatix has created a product that drastically increases occupational safety in industrial environments. Used especially in the insulation of pipes in shipbuilding and in power plants, the brand-new Adi-SMART® reduces the surface temperature of the ADIBOX® insulation module it is integrated into. The product allows companies to meet regulations regarding safety in high-temperature operations.

Adiabatix is among the first companies in the world to develop easily-installable insulation that keeps surfaces safe-to-touch. The idea for the revolutionary design was sparked by employers’ concerns about the well-being of staff working close to pipes that carry hot gases. Adi-SMART® lowers the surface temperature down to around + 60 degrees Celsius, making the insulation modules safe to touch without the sustenance of irreversible burn damage. Low surface temperatures also reduce the risk of fire in the work environment.

Adi-SMART® is a fully independent system that is not dependent on external power sources. The system can be connected to a wireless network, allowing the temperature data it generates to be examined remotely. Adi-SMART® can also be integrated into existing insulation modules.

Positive Feedback from M/S Eckerö

Adiabatix has already received positive feedback on the product. M/S Eckerö operates in the Baltic Sea between Eckerö, Åland and Grisslehamn, Sweden. M/S Eckerö was the first to receive Adi-SMART® for testing. The testing has continued for six months so far. M/S Eckerö has been pleased with the product and is eager to continue testing it.

Adiabatix is excited to be able to introduce an innovative new product to a traditional market. Adi-SMART® has been carefully designed to alleviate customers’ concerns regarding occupational safety and meeting different requirements, all the while using the latest technology. Adi-SMART® is the appropriate next chapter to Adiabatix’s advanced insulation solutions for demanding applications. A patent for the product is pending in several countries.

Interested in improving occupational safety in your work environment with the Adi-SMART®? Contact us at contact@adiabatix.fi

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