Adiabatix’s Insulation Solutions for Nuclear Power Plants Reduce Radiation Exposure Times

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Kari Valkeapää in 2009

Adiabatix delivers insulation solutions to nuclear power plants. Adiabatix’s solutions are typically installed in primary circuit pipes like steam pipes that carry steam to the plant’s turbines and in water pipes that carry hot water into the plant’s reactor. The pipes can reach temperatures of up to +300°C and can be located close to delicate electrical equipment, meaning that they require expert insulation.

"It is important that the heat does not leak out of the pipes and that it remains invariable all the way. Excessive heat leak from the pipes can cause the ambient temperature in the surrounding space to get too high, which can damage the electrical equipment in the space. In terms of occupational safety, it is also important that the insulation cassettes’ surface temperature remains low", says Adiabatix’s Product Development Manager Kari Valkeapää.

Quick and Easy Maintenance Improves Occupational Safety

Each year, nuclear power plants strive to lower the amount of radiation people working around the plant are exposed to. All maintenance work close to the reactor has to be done as quickly as possible.

NPP’s traditionally insulate primary system pipes with RMI (Reflective Metal Insulation). Such cassettes are typically secured with external latches and metal straps that can not only be easily get damaged or lost, but are also difficult and time-consuming to mount. Adiabatix’s insulation cassettes have a unique locking system that is quick and easy to open with simply a hex key. In addition, Adiabatix’s insulation solution is constructed of metal modules that are attached to each other. Separate modules are easier to dismantle. If some of them have to be replaced, it is not necessary to replace the entire cassette.

"The idea for our product was sparked by personal experience: Me and my colleague did maintenance work in NPP’s in the beginning of the 90s. We noticed that insulation cassettes were difficult to dismantle and assemble and figured that there has to be a better, faster way to do it. Our insulation solution has made conducting regular check-ups and measurements quicker and easier, which reduces maintenance personnel’s exposure to radiation."

In addition to speedy maintenance, Adiabatix’s cassettes are also quick to install. All insulation modules have a label with a 3D picture of the module and its location in the final assembly, which makes the installation process even smoother.

Adiabatix Has Knowledge on the Field and is Active in Developing New Solutions

Adiabatix’s insulation cassettes were installed in a nuclear power plant over 10 years ago. The insulation is still fully functioning, with no decline detected in its insulation capability.

NPP’s have to be able to comply with government regulations regarding matters such as sustainability and safety. When new regulations are issued, NPP’s have to react quickly. The NPP in question has been especially appreciative of Adiabatix’s activity in offering them new solutions throughout the years, even on short notice. The NPP also praises Adiabatix for their knowledge on the field of energy production well as for their understanding of the market NPP’s compete in.

"Our hands-on experience with NPP’s means that we know how to ask the right questions. We are able to develop the most efficient solutions that respond to the customer’s needs."


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