Adi-SiSu ®

Adi-SiSu ® – a condition assessment of thermal insulation

Adiabatix’s Site Survey service is designed for the condition assessment of the thermal insulation of cruise ships’ and the processing industry’s engines, exhaust manifolds, charge air coolers and other demanding equipment that require insulation. Using an infrared camera, the Adiabatix team inspects the efficiency of the technical insulation at your site and writes a report on it. In the survey, special attention is paid to the fulfilment of the SOLAS requirements.

If these requirements are not met, we make a proposal to the customer on how their insulation problems could be resolved so that the SOLAS requirements are fulfilled. If any leaks are discovered during the survey, we make a suggestion on how heat losses can be repaired with a new insulation solution. Well-functioning insulation reduces the risk of fire damage and significantly improves personal safety. In addition, improving efficiency can result in considerable savings in annual energy consumption.

The SiSu service is a reliable and well-documented way to investigate the surface temperatures of combustible and hazardous sites. Our suggested solutions help the customer to optimise the temperatures: no overestimated or underestimated insulation, which means that the customer only pays for what they actually need.

Our expertise is based on our long and extensive experience of supplying insulation for demanding applications, from oil and gas refining to nuclear power plants.