Installation services

We also perform installation of thermal insulation. Our installation work is usually performed by a team of 3–4 people, led by an installation supervisor. During the installation, we provide training for the site’s employees in assembling the insulation modules correctly and efficiently. This training ensures that the customer’s employees know how to open, lock and install the products correctly so that the products’ special features function as promised.

When the installation is complete, we perform a thermal scan to make sure that the surface temperatures meet the SOLAS requirements. The customer is provided with a document of the scan. During the training, your employees will also go through the installation manual and the spare parts lists for the products. During the installation phase, any additional needs can also be addressed, such as extra access doors. These can also be tailored for the products afterwards.

The installation and training can be carried out on the ship during a cruise and during employees’ normal working hours. If it is important to minimise the installation time, the size of the installation team can be increased. Such situations occur, for example, on ships in dock.

Installation sites, such as ships, typically have little extra room. Our insulation modules are packed engine-specifically, which allows us to perform the installation one engine at a time. This will simplify and speed up everyone’s work in the engine room.

Our installation teams have installed our products at hundreds of locations all over the world, from cruise ships to nuclear power plants. Our engineers have the necessary qualifications for both offshore and nuclear power plant installations.