Adiabatix's Breakthrough: A Significant Delivery in the Nuclear Power Business to EDF

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Adiabatix has made together with its French partner Altrad an agreement on a significant delivery to one of the largest energy companies in the world, the French EDF. The agreement regards Adiabatix’s RMI (Reflective Metallic Insulation) insulation solution, which has been designed to improve safety in nuclear power plants. Adiabatix will deliver RMI insulation solutions to 20 nuclear reactors in France. The first deliveries are set for 2025 and the project will be completed by the end of 2030.

The agreement is a breakthrough for Adiabatix. The company will increase their staff on all operational areas, such as design, production and marketing. Adiabatix’s future plans also include new, larger facilities. The significant deliveries and their aftereffects will also have a positive impact on Adiabatix’s local supplier network.

“We expect the company’s revenue to multiply”, says CEO Jerker Kullberg.

The roots of Adiabatix’s RMI insulation solution date back to the beginning of the 1990s. The company’s founders did maintenance work in nuclear power plants and noticed that installing and disassembling insulation cases was difficult and time-consuming. These experiences were the starting point to over 20 years of product development.

“The radiation exposure of people working in nuclear power plants is strictly regulated. It is therefore important that all work tasks with radiation exposure, such as tasks carried out close to the reactor, are done as quickly as possible. Our solution is modular and can be quickly and easily installed and disassembled, therefore minimizing maintenance workers’ exposure to radiation”, says Kari Valkeapää, Adiabatix’s Product Development Manager and one of the company founders.

In addition to quick usage, the specialness of Adiabatix’s solution is based on not containing fiber. The insulation is only comprised of full metal insulations, which makes it safer than traditional solutions containing fiber. Any loose fiber from the insulation is a notable safety risk in a power plant environment. 

Adiabatix has delivered single insulation products to nuclear power plants all over the world. Suppliers in the nuclear power industry must fulfill extremely strict requirements under close supervision. Both EDF and Altrad, the company in charge of installations during the project, have audited Adiabatix’s production in their facilities in Runsor, Vaasa. The results have been excellent.

“It is safe to say that EDF was convinced by Altrad and Adiabatix performance”, says Antoine Bataille, Director of Nuclear Activities at Altrad.

In 2022, 35 % of electricity in Finland was produced with nuclear power. New power plant projects are set in motion all over the world, with special attention being turned to SMRs (Small Modular Reactors). Nuclear power is considered an important link in achieving energy independence, and attitudes towards it are becoming increasingly positive. 

“Nuclear power was the company’s starting point and now it has become our major breakthrough. We want to thank FinNuclear ry for their input in the process. Our future holds plenty of exciting opportunities”, concludes Arto Wainio, Sales & Marketing Manager at Adiabatix.


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