Adiabatix’s R&D for insulation technology began with insulation solutions for nuclear power plants. Two professionals performing installation and maintenance in nuclear power plants observed how slow and difficult it was to dismantle insulation in any plant.

Nuclear power plants have strict regulations on how long a person is allowed to work close to a reactor, in order to prevent them being exposed to excess radiation. In addition, shortening the downtime creates considerable economic advantages. Our insulation solution can also safeguard the undisturbed operation of the main steam insulation valve.

Our insulation technology is used to insulate, for example, pumps, valves and pipework in nuclear power plants. Using our insulation solutions, maintenance work can be performed twice as quickly as with traditional solutions. Thanks to its modular structure, the product is easy to install, dismantle and reinstall. The short installation time improves personal safety and shortens downtime considerably. These, in turn, reduce life-cycle costs significantly in the long run. Adiabatix’s insulation solutions also have excellent thermal insulation performance, which ensures that the surface temperature remains low.

Adiabatix has two insulation solutions: either traditional insulation containing fibre insulation material, Adi-NG®, or the reflective metallic insulation (RMI) built entirely from stacked metal sheets, Adi-NGr®. Reflective metallic insulation is prioritised especially in the Nordic countries where the safety of nuclear power plants is monitored extremely carefully. This type of insulation is used, for example, in the Forsmark nuclear power plant in Sweden.