We supply the oil and gas industry with products designed to insulate valves, pumps and flanges. Our products prevent the occurrence of fire damage in explosive environments. In addition, our technology significantly improves safety for the people working on the site and protects expensive equipment from damage.

Our products have been developed in cooperation with the world’s leading shipping companies. That is why we can guarantee their outstanding insulation performance and, when needed, surface temperatures that are significantly lower than necessitated by the SOLAS requirements.

Thanks to their modular structure, our insulation solutions are durable, easy to handle and quick to install/reinstall. Servicing can be carried out quickly and easily by one person. This results in significant savings in working time in the long run. In addition, the quick installation considerably shortens downtime and reduces downtime costs. The insulating material is encased inside the module, which is why it stays in place despite being moved. The casing also prevents liquids from entering the capsule. The modular structure makes the product fireproof and long-lived: it can be removed and reinstalled numerous times, while its insulation performance remains exactly as efficient as when new. This also makes the solution ecologically sustainable.

Read more about our products Adi HotBox, insulation for fuel pumps and fuel lines, and Adi-Fbox ®, spray shields for pipes and flanges.


We supply solutions for diesel engine insulation at offshore sites. Our insulation solutions are designed to meet and exceed the SOLAS requirements on surface temperatures. According to the SOLAS requirements, the surface temperature of an engine or exhaust manifold, for example, must not exceed +220°C. Thanks to the modular structure of our insulation, the product’s insulation performance can be significantly increased according to the customer’s requirements. When needed due to the requirements on individuals’ safety, for example, the surface temperature can be reduced to below +60°C. Our products also meet ATEX requirements.

Our technology significantly improves fire and personal safety in explosive environments and protects expensive equipment from damage. In addition, it minimises heat loss and retains the high efficiency of the engine’s energy generation. The combination of all these qualities makes the products’  life-cycle costs extremely low. The products’  long operating life also makes them an ecologically sustainable solution.


We have carried out R&D together with the world’s leading manufacturers of diesel engines. We are able to control the entire chain of production from design to installation: we know how to make your investment more profitable in the long run. Our products are used in hundreds of cruise ships, power plants and offshore sites around the world. We are familiar with a wide range of engine models and are able to customise the optimal solutions for them.

Read more about our products ADI-XP® (exhaust ducts and pipes), ADIBOX® (exhaust manifolds), Adi-TC (turbochargers), Adi HotBox (fuel pumps and fuel lines) and Adi-CAC (insulation for charge air coolers).