Adiabatix is the forerunner of insulation solutions for demanding applications. Our products are used by leading engine manufacturers, power plants and cruise ships, as well as in the production of oil and gas.

Adiabatix’s technology is ideally suited for sound, thermal and refractory insulation in sectors that face various insulation challenges and that must meet strict SOLAS requirements.

Adiabatix’s patented technology achieves outstanding insulation results. Thanks to their structure, our modular products can be opened, closed and reinstalled quickly and easily. These activities cause the products no wear and tear, which is why their operating life is many times longer than that of several other solutions. Our products are also light, which makes them easy to handle. Thanks to their excellent insulation properties and progressive structural construction, our products are able to prevent fire damage, considerably improve safety at work, optimise the efficiency of energy production and achieve significant cost savings in life-cycle costs. Their long operating life also makes them an ecologically sustainable solution.

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Adiabatix and C2M Global will go together in the future!

The Finnish high quality manufacturer for modular heat insulations and C2M Global GmbH will work together in the future. Both companies use their common synergies and focus on customers in the areas of marine, oil and gas, power plants and nuclear power plants.

Appointment news

Miika Säntti has been appointed Quality Manager of Adiabatix Oy from July 1st, 2021. Arto Wainio will continue in Marketing and Sales.


Adiabatix Oy has delivered insulations to three units of Nuclear Power Plant in Sweden.

The old insulation for the Main Stream Insulation Valves were replaced by Adi-NG and Adi-NGr. Also the feed water piping and the control rods insulations were replaced by Adiabatix insulations.